Accounting Information Systems, 11th Edition

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Jan, 2012

About Accounting Information Systems, 11th Edition

Core coverage of business processes, transaction cycles, and internal controls.
An understanding of business processes is fundamental to contemporary auditing, and professional and legal considerations relating to an organization’s internal control processes. Following a Business Process Approach, Accounting Information Systems stresses information, communication, and networking technology within the context of business processes, transaction cycles and internal control structure.
The eleventh edition offers streamlined information and a new chapter covering fraud.

Table of Contents

PART I: Introduction to Accounting Information Systems
Chapter 1 Accounting Information Systems: An Overview
Chapter 2 Systems Techniques and Documentation
Chapter 3 eBusiness and eCommerce
Chapter 4 Transaction Processing and the Internal Control Process
Chapter 5 Fraud Examination and Fraud Management
Chapter 6 Information Security
PART II: Business Processes
Chapter 7 Electronic Data Processing Systems
Chapter 8 Revenue Cycle Processes
Chapter 9 Procurement and Human Resource Business Processes
Chapter 10 The Production Business Process
PART III: Systems Development
Chapter 11 Systems Planning, Analysis, and Design
Chapter 12 Systems Project Management, Implementation, Operation, and Control
PART IV: Contemporary Information Systems Technology
Chapter 13 Data Management Concepts
Chapter 14 Auditing Information Technology

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