Amazing Lemonade Recipes To Thirst For!

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Jan, 2017
  • Jan 16, 2017
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About Amazing Lemonade Recipes To Thirst For!

Whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening brimming with tangy, citrus flavors, or sipping a tall, refreshing glass of classic lemonade on a hot afternoon, this book contains 42 amazing lemonade recipes to quench your thirst. Harness the cleansing power of all-natural lemon juice with creative recipes the whole family will enjoy, perfect for entertaining guests, with a unique twist on an old fashioned favorite. Discover the health benefits and healing antioxidants found in fresh lemonades and hot lemon drinks to enjoy year around. Not only can they quench your thirst, they can aid in healing sore throats and a quick immune boost to fight off colds and flu. Enjoy rich blends, from spicy, herbal remedies to delicious fruity lemonades. You're sure to savor the cool and refreshing taste of natural lemon with every recipe you uncover.

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