OpenShift in Action

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May, 2018

About OpenShift in Action

OpenShift, an innovative enterprise infrastructure management system from RedHat, radically simplifies the day-to-day operation of deploying and maintaining large-scale applications.
OpenShift in Action teaches readers how to set up and manage container-based infrastructure using OpenShift. Along the way, they'll discover techniques for handling persistent storage and best practices for security and other fundamental tasks.
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Table of Contents

Part 1: Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Getting to know OpenShift
Chapter 2: Getting started
Chapter 3: Containers are Linux
Part 2: Cloud-native applications
Chapter 4: Working with services
Chapter 5: Autoscaling with metrics
Chapter 6: Continuous integration and continuous deployment
Part 3: Stateful applications
Chapter 7: Creating and managing persistent storage
Chapter 8: Stateful applications
Part 4: Operations and security
Chapter 9: Authentication and resource access
Chapter 10: Networking
Chapter 11: Security
Appendix A: Installing and configuring OpenShift
Appendix B: Setting up a persistent storage source
Appendix C: Working directly with Docker
Appendix D: Configuring identity providers

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