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Sep, 2013

About Phonetics For Dummies

The clear and easy way to understand the science behind speech Phonetics is the scientific study of speech sounds, and deals with how people produce speech and hear specific speech features. Phonetics is a required course for all speech language pathologists and linguists, and is also taken by students of English, Language teaching, Theatre, Voice Acting, Telecommunication, and Forensics. Phonetics For Dummies covers everything students need to succeed in this challenging course.From the real-world applications of phonetics to how speech is produced, Phonetics For Dummies quickly brings you up to speed on all aspects of the subject, ensuring a high level of mastery on exam day. Tracks to a typical introductory phonetics class at the university/college level Bonus content on provides instructional videos and quizzes Helps you score your highest in your phonetics class If you're a language, linguistics, or speech pathology student undertaking an introductory phonetics course at the university level, Phonetics For Dummies has everything you need to score high.

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Started with Phonetics
Chapter 1: Understanding the A-B-Cs of Phonetics
Chapter 2: The Lowdown on the Science of Speech Sounds
Chapter 3: Meeting the IPA: Your New Secret Code
Chapter 4: Producing Speech: The How-To
Chapter 5: Classifying Speech Sounds: Your Gateway to Phonology
Part II: Speculating about English Speech Sounds
Chapter 6: Sounding Out English Consonants
Chapter 7: Sounding Out English Vowels
Chapter 8: Getting Narrow with Phonology
Chapter 9: Perusing the Phonological Rules of English
Chapter 10: Grasping the Melody of Language
Chapter 11: Marking Melody in Your Transcription
Part III: Having a Blast: Sound, Waveforms, and Speech Movement
Chapter 12: Making Waves: An Overview of Sound
Chapter 13: Reading a Sound Spectrogram
Chapter 14: Confirming That You Just Said What I Thought You Said
Part IV: Getting Global with Phonetics
Chapter 15: Exploring Different Speech Sources
Chapter 16: Visiting Other Places, Other Manners
Chapter 17: Coming from the Mouths of Babes
Chapter 18: Accentuating Accents
Chapter 19: Working with Broken Speech
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 20: Ten Common Mistakes That Beginning Phoneticians Make and How to Avoid Them
Chapter 21: Debunking Ten Myths about Various English Accents

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