Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, 12th Edition

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About Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, 12th Edition

Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, 12/e, provides an understanding of the research methods used to investigate human thought and behavior. The coverage of experimental, qualitative, correlational, and survey research helps students develop their research skills for all aspects of psychology. Information is presented in a simple and straightforward manner and placed into context of actual research studies, helping students make real-life connections.

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction
Chapter 1 Understanding Scientific Research
Chapter 2 Research Approaches and Data Collection Methods
Part II Planning the Research Study
Chapter 3 From Research Ideas to Hypothesis Formulation
Chapter 4 Ethics in Scientific Research
Part III Foundations of Research
Chapter 5 Measurement Techniques and Sampling Methods
Chapter 6 Ensuring Research Validity
Part IV Experimental Methods
Chapter 7 Control Techniques in Experimental Research
Chapter 8 Creating the Appropriate Research Design
Chapter 9 Procedure for Conducting an Experiment
Chapter 10 Creating a Quasi-Experimental Design
Chapter 11 Creating a Single-Case Design
Part V Survey, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Research
Chapter 12 The Survey as Non-Experimental Research
Chapter 13 Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
Part VI Analyzing and Interpreting Data
Chapter 14 Summarizing Research Data-Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 15 Using Inferential Statistics
Part VII Writing the Research Report
Chapter 16 Preparing and Publishing the Research Report

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