Writing, Reading, and Research, 9th Edition

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Aug, 2013

About Writing, Reading, and Research, 9th Edition

Broadening the traditional notion of undergraduate research, WRITING, READING, AND RESEARCH thoroughly covers the essential skills for developing a research paper: analytical reading, synthesizing, paraphrasing, and summarizing. Presenting the process of research in a practical sequence, including separate chapters on finding, analyzing, and integrating sources, the authors illustrate each stage of the process with examples of student and professional writing. Using a flexible and goal-oriented approach, the authors have created a text that blends the best features of a theoretically informed rhetoric, an interdisciplinary reading anthology, and a research guide. WRITING, READING, AND RESEARCH, Ninth Edition, provides helpful and engaging exercises, frequent opportunities to write, and many occasions for discussion and critical response.

Table of Contents

Part I: Writing, Reading, and Research
Chapter 1: Introduction to Writing
Chapter 2: Introduction to Reading
Chapter 3: Strategies for Reading
Chapter 4: Reading for the Main Idea
Chapter 5: Paraphrasing
Chapter 6: Summarizing
Chapter 7: Synthesizing
Chapter 8: Analyzing Texts
Chapter 9: Beginning a ResearChapter Project
Chapter 10: Finding Library Sources
Chapter 11: Finding Sources Outside the Library: Interviews, Letters, and Surveys
Chapter 12: Putting Your Sources to Work
Chapter 13: Using Sources in ResearChapter Writing
Chapter 14: Writing and Revising the ResearChapter Paper
Chapter 15: Argument: Reading, Writing, and Research
Part II: ResearChapter Paper Reference Handbook
Chapter A: List of Works Cited (MLA Format)
Chapter B: Parenthetical Notes (MLA Format)
Chapter C: ResearChapter Paper Format (MLA Style)
Chapter D: APA Format
Chapter E: Format Featuring Numbered References

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